The Conquest

The Conquest

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Rage and Serenity By ATelepathAndAPsycho Updated Nov 05, 2019

King Erik Lehnsherr knew he conquered the land of Westchester, not for its pretty king, but to ensure the wellbeing of countless mutants under King Charles Xavier's reign.

However, it was hard to remind himself of that when watching his new slave from across a chess board.

Erik abhors the act of enslaving fellow mutants; they have humans for that. However, tradition had dictated that someone needed to take Charles, and he hadn't been able to stomach the thought of another being Charles's master.

Former King Charles Xavier was the son of the late King Brian Xavier and his late Queen Sharon Xavier. They'd been fair, but human, rulers. When their son and heir presented as a mutant, it was apparent that Charles's life would be anything but easy. It was a surprise when they didn't disown Charles- other human monarchs had. When King Brian died, Charles remained Heir Apparent even when his mother remarried to one of the old King's advisors, and he gained an older stepbrother.

It was anoth...