The Icons of Man: Book One

The Icons of Man: Book One

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Robert H. Langan By roberthlangan Updated Jan 30, 2018

A storm is coming, a city is burning, and the only thing standing between massive floods and a million deaths is an illegal team of transcendental athletes. 

MIND THE WEATHER-Good afternoon Metro Reef! Coming up in sports, Goethal Heights is having open tryouts for their backup team. Details up next. But first, the weather. It's going to be another beautiful evening, with warm temperatures for this time of the year, and low humidity! Radar shows clear skies, a minor disturbance off the Jamaica Sound but with no chance of impacting our area. Weather Control is delaying that scheduled shower until Monday, so enjoy a sunny weekend! With the Solstice just around the corner, w-we m-may n-not e-e-enjoy-another-day-MIND THE VOID! MIND THE VOID!

-Apologies, the Thought Feed you have been minding has been lost. An abnormal Mental Disturbance has been reported. Please use caution. Mind Commonwealth Services for further announce-



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