The Light To My Lost Soul

The Light To My Lost Soul

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blackwidow555 By blackwidow555 Updated 6 days ago

She was as hard as a stone he was a soft as a cloud , she was fire he was water , she was full of anger he was full of love but after all she was a human who was lost , who was in pain .

She was a Muslim only by her name and  was far away from Allah , He was a true and a pious Muslim one who feard  and loved Allah and prophet Muhammad S.A.W . The one who was loving , kind , funny and full of life .

What will happen when fire meets water and anger meets love , in short what will happen when they both will meet ?!?!?
Well to know what happens next , stay tuned with me !!!!

Assalam alaikum beautiful people!!!!! Guys it's my first book on Wattpad so I hope you enjoy reading it .Please do bare with me and do comment any ideas or to correct my mistakes . Love You All ?

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Sweet_Oa Sweet_Oa Jan 04
Yes it really is very interesting...
                              Most of the time it's opposite the guy is bad while the girl is all good and religious....wowwww it's good to read 'different'...🙂
Walaikum’Asalam ❤ The characters and the chapter, both are interesting ❤ Hope you'll update soon In'shaa'Allah ❤
Sweet_Oa Sweet_Oa Jan 04
She is really really different...
                              But of course she would be back on her religion...the blue eye guy will bring her back...😜;)