Blurred Lines (originally started in Songs About Camren)

Blurred Lines (originally started in Songs About Camren)

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"I gently grabbed her arm and leaned in, 'so listen,' I whispered in her ear, 'I don’t usually do this,' my other hand grabbing hold of her waist, 'but I may never see you again, so f*ck it, come spend the night with me,' I breathed out gently pulling back, my brown eyes meeting her narrowed emerald orbs, she’s beautiful."

Camila Cabello is a 21-year-old socialite living in the Upper East Side of New York City. Fond of the single life and her one-night stands, she’s never fallen for anyone, let alone in love. What happens when she crosses paths with a certain someone and the lines between lust and love become blurry? Will Camila’s walls come down? CAMREN.~

**Disclaimer: Any songs/lyrics referenced/used & multimedia used in this book are NOT mine**

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Camila Cabello youre in the lords house! I mean allys house!