🌸🌸Nyotalia Oneshots🌸🌸

🌸🌸Nyotalia Oneshots🌸🌸

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BottomBisexual By BottomBisexual Updated Jun 22, 2018

⭕DISCLAIMER⭕- This amazing drawing is owned by someone ELSE, so I take NO credit.

Hidekaz Himaruya- Creator

🌸🌸The concept of Nyotalia and Hetalia aren't mine, but my stories are.🌸🌸

🌸🌸Alright, so  I had made a separate book for the Nyotalias (the genderbend of Hetalia) because I feel it'd be less cluttered that way. This does include AU's, Yuri, and Yaoi.🌸🌸

🌸🌸I had one of my stories of a Nyotalia character in the Hetalia one-shot, but I decided I'd seperate them.
I do Au's! Yaoi, yuri, you name it! Just DM me!🌸🌸

🌸🌸So here, I introduce, the official non-official Nyotalia one-shots by BottomBisexual!🌸🌸

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