Forbidden//Dylan O'Brien

Forbidden//Dylan O'Brien

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All Azalea Winter's life she had thought she had no dad. 
At least one that wasn't present in her life. 
Then Suddenly her mom has died of cancer and her dad shows up. 
She does the only thing she thinks her mom would have wanted: Goes with him. 
There she meets a whole new family. 
And Dylan. 
Dylan, who breaks through all her walls. 
Dylan, who can make her smile so beautifully. 
Dylan, who can break her already fragile heart so gracefully.


There is a sequel to this, it's called broken. 

Alright well happy reading

I would just like to add that this story was written a few years ago and the writing is a bit messy. Pretty sure I got some facts wrong. If it offends you, I am sorry. The sequel Broken is far much better, or at least I think. But if you still want to read, please. It's great besides those few errors.

Well that was blunt . Just ya know she wakes up one day and theirs this guy who just says , hi I'm you dad but you wouldn't know that cause I haven't been in your life for 16 years of your life 😊 I would flip tf out on him
Shouldn't she be the oldest? Cuz he would've cheated on his wife if she was the youngest?
Wait that means that he cheated because his wife and him already had kids
I have a friend who's last name is posey and she loves teen wolf and I always tell her "but what if you're related to to Tyler?" 😂
I would probably get adopted and come back so it wouldn't count as incest😂😂😂
dude, do you know how much that'd suck? like if you watched teen wolf and you were all like, "omg! scott/tyler posey is so freaking hot!" , and then having to find out that you're basically related to him.