Anderson ↠ BBC Sherlock

Anderson ↠ BBC Sherlock

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SHERLOCK HOLMES had loathed Philip Anderson since the day he found out just how much of a moron the man truly was. He had never learned why the man hated him in return, although he assumed that it was because he was jealous of his intellect and his observational skills. His theory was partially correct, but ultimately the reason that he hated him as well was because he was a little too much like his younger sister. 

Clara Anderson is nearly identical to the Consulting Detective, in that she gets bored rather easily and is quite literally a genius. That alone should have been a fact that would bring them close-- but he's not the only genius residing in London, and she's more than positive that she's not about to turn her back on the other one. 

But when push comes to shove, who knows what's going to happen?

Anderson? Murder? Are you serious? Have you seen his left hand? He barely passed high school let alone murder someone.
klever_kim klever_kim Jul 30
Just just an embarrassed kid that doesn't want their mom to visit lol
How many times does it happen that you're investigating a body your friend who almost everyone thinks is dead left for you for a late Christmas present and you get caught?
                              For me? Too many times for me to count.
I AM HERE. And I wanted to ask, is this a rewrite? Because I swear I read this story in your account before but it was a different face claim and such...?