Demigod Avenger (a PJO/Avenger Crossover)

Demigod Avenger (a PJO/Avenger Crossover)

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Allison D. By Dangkat5 Completed

After enduring Tartarus and then winning his second war, Percy Jackson is the Champion of Olympus. However, he didn't come out of the war his normal self. He came out broken and with flashbacks and nightmares haunting his mind. In order for Percy to get better, the gods push him to stay with the Avengers. 

But the enemy isn't going to wait for Percy to defeat his demons. A darker power is stirring. A darker power so fearsome and strong that even the gods and goddesses are scared. Scared enough that this time, they want the Avenger's help. A third war is coming and whether or not they will win isn't clear.


TwinButterfly02 TwinButterfly02 5 days ago
All I can imagine is Dean looking over to Cas and singing this to him..
I just realised that this song's basically Castiels live in a nutshell,  after he met the Winchesters
pjo_okay pjo_okay Jul 27
All my friends are dead. Push me to the edge. All my friends are dead.
All the kids at my college:
                              "The Nightcore version is way better"
                              Just no. You guys may like it, but me?
Is it just me or do i find it easier to completely kill of the seven so i can just focus on him and things. Like in my Harry potter cross over with PJO, they're all dead...
Noo they all died!!! This is the end of the wor-*reads next line* YAY!!!! NICO'S STILL ALIVE!!! WHO CARES ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE!!! *remembers that Leo is dead* NO!!HE SHALL BE ALIVE!! END. OF. STORY!!!