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When the warehouse  disappeared behind the trees, he slowed down a little. The snow quickly coated the ground, and he could only hear the crunching of snow as he walked.

    He walked and walked, and soon his hoodie provided little protection, as cold seeped through the fabric and froze his skin. He started to shiver, and he rubbed his hands over his arms to try to and warm himself. As he continued to walk, he didn't feel like himself, he felt like someone else was willing his legs to continue moving. His lips turned blue and he tried to curl his toes, but they wouldn't budge, and even though he was still walking, it didn't look the tiniest bit graceful, as he stumbled with each step forward.

    He stopped shivering, and he didn't even notice he stopped walking, as he looked up into the sky again. His eyes felt droopy, and his eyelashes fluttered as snowflakes threatened to land in his eye. He slowly teetered on the spot, then came crashing down onto the snow. He didn't even flinch at the impact, more like he couldn't. He didn't bother to move, and continued to stare up into the sky. His eyes threatened to close, but he tried to keep them open. Soon, the beautiful sight of the snow was robbed from him and replaced with darkness, as his eyes finally closed.

    Everything was silent for a little while, before being disturbed with more footsteps.