I Can't Trust You Anymore

I Can't Trust You Anymore

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Call Me Swally or Skittles(: By sarasam96 Updated Mar 19, 2011

​"I'm done with you." He stands up. Leaving all books on the ground.

​"I beg your pardon?" She turns around. He was facing the other way.

​"I didn't stutter" He swings around. "Besides I was trying to be a good boyfriend and bring you your books but whatever" He walks next to her. His face is forward but her head is turned slightly to him. "Your books are the ones on the floor, just in case you wanted to know" He continues walking...

...​with her books still spread across the floor. She found a small paper sticking out of her biology book.

​It read;
Hey Love,

​So I wanted to drop your stuff off for you. Sorry about walking out like that. I'm expecting you'll be talking to Mr. Stan~The~Man. Lol. I love you so much. I'm writing this note so you know yours truly brought these for you, so you know I didn't foregt  (I think I spelt that wrong) you. I already miss you beautiful. See you at the game later today when we play Divine Child. In that awesome cheerleading suit(; Tell me how it goes with the princ.

​​​​Love you babe,



She held it in momentarily until she fell to her knee's and let it out. She cried and just couldn't stop. She wiped the tears from her eyes. But they wouldn't stop coming.

​The bell rang. She quickly picked up her things, ran to her locker and put her things away, and ran to Kyle's locker. She waited there until he walked to it with Michael.

​"You ok?" Michael asked, noticing her face still red and wet.

​Kyle looked at her concerned.

​"What's wrong?" He whispered. She took the letter from her pocket and held it for him to see. She smiled but started crying again.

​"What's that?" Michael asks. ​​

​Kyle smiles and holds her tight.

​"I'm sorry but my word still stands. We're.... done" He walks away and Michael follows with a shocked look.

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sarasam96 sarasam96 Jul 20, 2011
Why don't I write the what catchy? I'm
                              Sorry I don't know what the word is. And u weren't being rude (:
bellasonline bellasonline Jul 20, 2011
Hey no fair. Kyle cudnt do that.. And a small suggestion, why dont u write the synopses catchy? Dont think i was being rude!
electricgirlrival electricgirlrival Apr 29, 2011
Fantastic ideas they really are! Sounds a bit like me when I get a bad mark! Oh well. Loving the book.