[ Shiratorizawa x Fem! reader ]  Us

[ Shiratorizawa x Fem! reader ] Us

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☆ Binnie ☆ By tongue_bin Updated Jun 12, 2018

"Satori-senpai, why are we here?" she huff and puff whilst panting for fresh air. Sweats drop from her forehead as she wipe it with the back of her hand. Satori, the boy with a bright red hair opens the gymnasium door to show the girl what is their point for coming here.

"Please be our manager,"

(l/n) (f/n) is an expert medical student. Her parents are high paid doctors in England. She studies in Japan for futher medical knowledges. But what she didn't know was, all the boys from Shiratorizawa volleyball club wants her to apply for the manager part in their club. 

Scene taken: After Karasuno had beaten Shiratorizawa.

This is a Shiratorizawa x fem! reader book. This book may includes NSFW works which means 18+ works. Read at your own risk. The characters goes to the right owner: 
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Aoba Johsai x reader
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