Draygon Inferno | Book 2 | ✔️

Draygon Inferno | Book 2 | ✔️

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Queen of the Gummy Bears By Prisim Completed

The key to proving Siobhan's innocence lies within the highlands, a home she never thought she'd see again. Siobhan isn't sure she's ready to confront the past that's hunted her for so long, but continuing to deny the truth only puts her and her companion Wren in greater danger. 

Wren's patience for seeking the truth is waning while his magic grows stronger, and Siobhan worries he lost more than his fiancé to magic. As she struggles to help him learn control, she realizes more than friendship connects them.  This fragile link puts Siobhan in a place she never expected, reinforcing that everything she's ever known is a lie. 

Ever faithful Elias has left Siobhan's side for the first time since she was born. He believes she's going to need allies in the coming battle to reclaim her birthright. Elias knows after Siobhan was framed for murdering her father, the future King of Ardorn could be the last supporter she has left. Prince Eloy, already scarred by the broken union between Draygon and Ardorn, will only lend his support if Elias returns to him what Draygon has stolen.

An inferno is awakening and if they don't act fast the world will do more than burn.

It'll end.


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