Goodie Goodie Gone Bad  (Slowly uploading)

Goodie Goodie Gone Bad (Slowly uploading)

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princess_in_pink By princess_in_pink Updated Aug 14, 2011

Ashley has a twin brother. But she never saw him again since that horrible day. The horrible day that she spent days, months, years wishing she hadn't witness it. She lived her life by being a shell. She pretended to be the perfect daughter. But only one can take so much without their emotions showing. One day she will expload. All of her emotions will come out and she will show people what the real Ashley is like. The real Ashley is so much different then the other Ashley that always pretend to be mommy's girl.

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d4n4y4_11111 d4n4y4_11111 Sep 06, 2013
You know I've been looking for a book for a good few minutes and I came across this book. After reading it the first word that came in my head was 'SWEET.' I use this rare word when I like something so far. So great so far. Hope you can carry on when you're free.
ZafArielZul ZafArielZul Nov 05, 2011
i agree with pinkdots21 and firecat057. the story needs description, more depth instead of just stating the character as it is. this way not only will it sounds better and makes reading a lot more interesting, it allows readers to bond with your characters. play with your words a little bit more.
AcaciaEstep AcaciaEstep Nov 04, 2011
I agree with firecat. It was definitely too short for my tastes and I would like to see more of what firecat suggested, but what I've read does seem very interesting.
Emmiie Emmiie Nov 04, 2011
I have to log now, but from what I've read this looks really good. I'll add it to my phone to continue when I have the time. :) Voted! <3
Firecat057 Firecat057 Nov 04, 2011
it's a tad abrupt... i think it would be better if you made it longer, perhaps giving us a better view/feeling/presence of her mom and step-dad instead of just telling us exactly who they are. but its definitely interesting :)
princess_in_pink princess_in_pink Nov 04, 2011
@shelbylw03 - She will find Eric later on in the story. But that's all I'm saying. You'll have to read the next chapter if you want to find out.