Forever Girl

Forever Girl

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Miss Inconspicuous By jassright Completed

We are inseperable. We have been the closest of friends for as long as I could remember. We may stay as friends, or maybe end up as lovers. I don't really know. But all I care about is her, and I want to be with her every moment possible. I want to be with her for forever. But there are a lot of things that hinder us from our forever.

One, she sees me as a friend.But that doesn't really bother me.

Two, she has a boyfriend. That bothers me.

Three, she doesn't have much time to live, and she has no idea.

Four, it's supposed to be a secret.

GreyZone GreyZone Sep 20, 2012
Nice!  I throughly enjoyed this.  (Again) this is the first time I've read a Wattpad book in a child's perspective.  I'm going to keep reading!
sophiabelle sophiabelle Sep 18, 2012
THAT WAS SO CUTE. Honestly, this was such a good start. Great job!
jassright jassright Sep 15, 2012
Was the 'They always pick on us little boys' line not enough of a hint? And I wrote 'seven year old' somewhere in the paragraph should I need to exaggerate more?
_lostdreaming _lostdreaming Sep 14, 2012
I had a little trouble finding out whether the main character was a boy or girl. In the beginnning I thought it was definetely a girl, then the gay part came. Anyways, the bullies are biotches.
Chelsea_13 Chelsea_13 Sep 07, 2012
Oh! Nice prologue hun! It's simple but very catchy! It's my first time to read first in a child'd perpective so kudos for that!! voted and added to my library♥
Megabucks Megabucks Sep 07, 2012
Very nice prologue!  Now that he succeeded at the dare, I hope those bullies really do give him his chocolate bar back ;)