The badass tomboy kidnapped by the gangleader

The badass tomboy kidnapped by the gangleader

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Sylar gets kidnapped by the most feared gang the vipers. their gangleader Xavier sends his friends to go and kidnap a 15 year old boy but they accidentally mistake skylar for a 15 year old boy and kidnap skylar.

Skylar has an abusive boyfriend who is also a gangleader his name is tyler he cuts, punches, kicks, and rapes her. 

Skyler is a parentless 17 year old girl

Skyler is a street fighter thats how she earns money she is an amazing street fighter/boxer but why doesn't she fight back tyler well she is weak around him when he is near she suddenly gets scared he is her worst nightmare he abuses her continuously till she gets kidnapped

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Dang... What the hell.. Tyler's getting to me!! I MEANT DIE TYLER
What the heck!!! Ughhhhhh... Okay I'm sorry but like its been two minutes into this book and I am hooked.. Please for Tyler... Please diw
He's a Crazy-creepy person... Son of a stinky old swamp!!! Sorry... Ugh... 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔
(fuming with so much anger) Breath... Breath... I can't do it!!! Let me at em
Gighles Gighles Jan 16
I’m sorry I would leave him the moment he put a finger on me
Get kidnapped already... Just get away from that darn lizard