Bleed Me Hollow

Bleed Me Hollow

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Denisa Logojan By denisaacl Completed

Too young to become monsters. Too old to be forgiven. And too many broken bones, silent screams, lives lost. If she still had her memories, she would have remembered them all. 

She is cold, uncaring and unfeeling when she wakes up on that rainy beach. Eleanor Rhodes has no memories of her identity, and with terrifying military abilities brewing beneath her skin, she starts asking questions. When the High Commander sends her on a mission to find the rogue soldier who might be the culprit behind her amnesia, Eleanor doesn't hesitate. 

With her sanity unravelling, meeting Sage begins to raise answers Eleanor is not ready to face. Her reality starts fracturing and when she learns of a way to reverse her amnesia, she risks everything to obtain it. But it soon becomes obvious that walking through history may cost Eleanor her sanity or worse - her heart.

This is a tale of horror and resilience, of regret and redemption. This is the tale of a girl who lost everything - then everything again, and still, she stood. Of a boy who learned to love in a world scarred by the terrors of war. 

*Romance/sci-fi/new adult.*