Never Destined To Be Weak

Never Destined To Be Weak

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Sylvia was never one to gain much attention. Sure she is very nice to look at but all the attention is turned to her twin sister and Luna of the Specter Pack Marisa. She was contended living the way she is having the love of her family, her twin sister, and her best friend and Alpha of the Specter Pack Dylan Rodins.

Suddenly the worst was crashing down on her and reality was slapped, very hard on her face.When the pack fell victim to a strange disease, she was chosen to save them via very cruel way. She didn't want to but she was powerless and helpless.

They thought she died but then the truth always have a way to make a grand entrance. Sylvia rose once again to show all of them who is the boss because she was Never Destined to be Weak.

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valerie_black1 valerie_black1 Jun 02, 2016
When u want to stick the middle finger at a book character and cuss them out in three languages but they can't see or hear u😳
imagination_is_life imagination_is_life Feb 28, 2016
Pretty sure this is only the first chapter and I already hate someone
kingjjkookie kingjjkookie Aug 08, 2016
Second time reading!! The first time was amazing, and I'm sure this time will be too. :)
Arendesia Arendesia Mar 12, 2016
Damn It's creepy ...........................................
                              I like it 🤗🤗👍🏾👍🏾
Cutepenguins11go Cutepenguins11go Mar 22, 2016
IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE HER BUT YET YOU CHOSE HER YOU SICK BASTARD!! And I thought friends stood by each other no matter what but I guess I was wrong
Arendesia Arendesia Mar 12, 2016
In sorry but boy who's turf do u think ur on, mine so let me Eva here u say that outta ur nasty mouth and Ima kill u 👐🏾🙂