Wolves | pjm ✔️

Wolves | pjm ✔️

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binibini By idealuna Completed

A girl name Dana came from a powerful pack with her parents as one of the strongest Alpha and Luna. She possesses an ability in which only powerful beings can release. On a unexpected day an attack happened to their pack killing half of them and her parents. Before battling her mom gave her a necklace and told her to go to this pack where she had no choice but you travel and become the leader of her remaining pack members. Until she reach the said pack where she unexpectedly also finds her mate... but meeting her mate also means meeting people that makes both of their lives in some sort of misery.

STARTED: 12.20.17
END: 04.03.18

[BOOK 1 of my BTS Wolves Series] [JIMIN]

⚠️NO SMUT. Has foul words⚠️