Update of (R.I.P) Kim Jonghyun Funeral (we miss you)

Update of (R.I.P) Kim Jonghyun Funeral (we miss you)

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this is not a story. i know its too late to wrote this but im really sad righ now. if you dont guys like it free to comment a say delete this. i will understand. this is all about JONGHYUN'S DEAD UPDATE. im a multifandom i love shinee and my bias is jonghyun. guys pls change your profil to jonghyun's pic or a red rose or a all white wallpaper. just for one day. even u LATE read this. even a day, week, months, years pass after reading this pls do it. 

and to the people saying were so O.A and the peoples who bash taeyeon. PLS STOP. RESPECT JONGHYUN'S DEAD. they best of friends and taeyeon didnt do anything so dont blame her. 

and to people who say we're dramatic and addicted to kpop and we become O.A that we concern to jonhyun's dead but we didnt think and concern to what happen to marawe, mga bagyung nagdaan etc. PLS NANANALANGIN KAMI SA MGA NANGYARI SA KABABAYAN NAMIN. AND KAILAN PA NAGING O.A ANG MA CONCERN? MAIYAK DIN? MAG WORRIED? WERE NOT PERFECT BUT WERE STILL A HUMAN. NAG A UPDATE KAMI KAYA KUMAKALAT KUNG ANO ANG MGA NANGYAYARI SA K INDUSTRY. AND FYI not only the filipino nitizent because its all over the world.