My Brother Is My...Mate?

My Brother Is My...Mate?

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Frickle Frackles By PrincessPeaz Updated Feb 01, 2017

Julia or J and Dylan Ryder are brother and sister. Due to a incident from centuries ago Dylan and J are mates. J feels that it's very wrong and tries to deny the fact that they are mates. But how long will she tell her self that? 

I'm going to be honest. The grammar mistakes are CRINGY in the beginning for a couple chapters. But I'm slowly going back and fixing them. It gets better the more you get in the story. 



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QveenKNG QveenKNG Jul 24, 2017
"That's so Raven" (imagine the theme song) she literally has her powers. I love it😍
leesaiscutw leesaiscutw Jul 14, 2017
Even though they act their own ways that makes them comfortable you shouldn't be calling people names like that because you might not know them, like your the one annoying if your sticking your face in their business😒😤😤😒😒😒🙅🙍. 
                              So please, 👉🚪
Angeli1617 Angeli1617 May 14, 2017
I just say one day they gonna regret it when they find the guy they love and want to give their v card to ND they can't bc they gave it away to someone who didn't matter
DreamForager DreamForager May 28, 2017
My instincts are telling me no... But my mind is telling me yes 🐸☕️
wtfitsjustme wtfitsjustme Jul 09, 2017
Cuz they're sluts. And fyi sluts are born that way. How do i know that? Cuz almost every girl in my schools r sluts. So yea
traniyah1966 traniyah1966 May 31, 2017
That is her big brother and he called her hot that is wrong on so many different levels