Our Hopes For Forever 2018✔

Our Hopes For Forever 2018✔

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Al Akhirahfah By hijabygirlFa_h Updated 5 days ago

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She was lost in her own thoughts.She felt like there was no one who could heal her wound. Her tears were falling from her eyes as if like a rain was falling heavily. In all a sudden her world stopped since she had got that wound.She wanted to a do a magic, but she knew, nothing could be done.She knew it, it's only Allah could do this magic to her. All talks were flashing in her mind.She tried to stop being weak but even though she could not be strong.

"DO YOU THINK I AM YEARNING TO BE WITH YOU?"He shouted and was furiously."JUST GET LOST FOOL! MIND YOU! IF YOU AGAIN DO THIS-"He pointed his finger towards me and his eyes were full of angryness. He squeezed his teeth.Before I opened my mouth to speak,Zaheer told me to go in my room."Why it's happen this to me only, do I deserve all of this?"Since she went in this level of her life,all her hopes were destroying.This kind of level is important for all of us as a human.She started to never have hope in life.

But why? It is said we must have hope in life.Why she is feeling weak? What's that level? Why is she crying?What type of wound she gets?Why is she feeling unlucky?

#This story wants to show you with every difficulty there is relief, because difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. But you don't know what this one will lead.And now if you want to know the answers of the questions, you will add this story in your reading list and library.You'll read it, vote and surely comment.

Note:Dear readers, this story is for everyone, for Muslims and non-Muslims, you'll learn many things in this story, if it's require then you'll need to keep a box of tissue near to you, you'll need also to keep a popcorn next to you so that you can enjoy this story :)

This story is different and let's see why this story meant"Our Hopes For Forever" when she never believed in hope. Will it lead to a sad or beautiful destination?

➰Written and edited by : hijabygirlFa_h.
➰ Copyright© hijabygirlFa_h

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