The World Beneath the Water

The World Beneath the Water

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Corey Downs By CoreyDowns Updated Dec 19, 2017

20-year old Maria Ramirez and 21-year old Lucas Hannigan are prolific ocean explorers selected to explore the Mariana Trench's Challenger Deep to discover more species of sea life. While down in the depths of Challenger Deep, they receive a distress signal like no other-

"Whoever's out there, please help! Ceto has been captured! Find the cave where the jellyfish gather!"

Rushing to help whoever is in trouble at this depth, they find the cave and charge inside- to find themselves in a whole new world. Diana, queen of the merpeople, desperately needs their help. Ceto, the goddess of sea monsters, was captured by the apex predators of her realm- a prehistoric mashup of a chilling variety of sea monsters- massive sea crocodiles, giant squids the size the Empire State Building, dinosaurs who should have gone extinct millions of years ago, and worst of all- the megalodon. The undersea realm of monsters has been thrown out of balance, and the apex predators control nearly every territory in the hidden world of water- except for the city of Aquaris, where Diana's people live deep inside a sea cliff. With an army of merpeople behind them, Maria, Lucas, and Diana must find a way to free Ceto and save her realm before the apex predators control everything- and before the humans run out of oxygen in their tanks.

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