Tomas Cudzis and the Struggle for Ju$tice & Truth>Part I:  Becoming you...

Tomas Cudzis and the Struggle for Ju$tice & Truth>Part I: Becoming you...

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JusticeandTruth By JusticeandTruth Updated Jan 03, 2018

Tomas was born with unusually small frame for a male. Since he was a child, he had struggled to become a "real" man.
Exposed to the other peers as a "lamb" to a "wolves" narrowly avoiding abuse, his solution was to transform himself physically.
Along the way to achieve this goal, he stumbled into martial arts. Soon, he becomes obsessed with the idea of being proficient in self-defense, that he decided to spend Years of practicing various martial arts in the heart of Hong-Kong, China. While his talent in martial arts become apparent, his raising status in illegal 'street' fights got him infamous in the ranks of Triads. Eventually he got into situation, that had him question all of his decisions in his life. His views of women, family and the cost of being a "man".

Hi, I wrote tribute "mini" book for LP just recently. It's part one of planed 4 in total. It's a fiction based on LP songs (to date).

The main character was supposed to be named Chester, but I changed my mind since some people may object that he's nothing like Chester. Either way, it's supposed to be "heavy", to make the reader think and learn about himself more, same way I learned more about myself from LP songs, the emotions I got from them. 
The full book has 7 chapters and each chapter is split into sections that have soundtrack (supposed to have music played in the background). There are non-LP song in the book for better immersion purposes only; general story line is based and inspired on LP songs; I'm posting very first section of very first chapter that coincidentally doesn't include LP song. There are 16 sections of the book based on LP songs out of total 35. Majority is towards the end of part I once the story has build up.

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