Whisper: A Deidara Love Story

Whisper: A Deidara Love Story

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Rin By lucidrebel Updated Sep 25, 2016

Aoi Hamasaki is a scarred, broken girl who's experienced more than enough pain and heartbreak. When she's cast into the Narutoverse after an attempt to end her own life, she comes straight into contact with the rogue organization, the Akatsuki. The one man who she'd fallen in love with in the human world was much colder that she'd ever thought, and so she must survive through an agony that could never have been expected. 

Throughout her time in the Narutoverse, Aoi learns many earth-shattering secrets about herself that should've never been whispered into her ears. Such shock and sorrow can turn one's humanity against them; when Aoi finally grasps onto something she'd yearned for since long ago, it is all torn away from her with one fell swoop.

It is up to her to survive and stay valiant until the end, lest she finds herself dead...

...and her loved ones, too.

Using the power of her voice, she speaks. She says only one word, and that deciding whisper will determine her fate - and not only hers, but the countless others that also lie in her hands.


Naruto Shippuden © Masashi Kishimoto
Whisper © @LucidRebel
Cover art is not mine! I only edited it c:

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Oh, of course not, the pretty lady just fell on a rock at the bottom to hard, and hurt her head, none of this is really happening.
-Deidara sits on his clay bird, smirking evilly-
                              We've been expecting you..
xVVarx xVVarx Aug 05
Is this set in boruto bc I don't see ninja in naruto using I pods lol
DeidaraStalker DeidaraStalker Dec 21, 2016
Let's just say my last glimpse of deidara would be [censored] and not to mention him [censored] [censored]
DeidaraStalker DeidaraStalker Dec 21, 2016
Anime is not a cartoon.
                              It is a way of life.
                              Mainly my life.
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That's a great way to make a first impression! Great job New Charater :)