Camp Where The Hell Are We? | ✓

Camp Where The Hell Are We? | ✓

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When an opportunity arises to go to an Advanced Placement biology camp notoriously known as Camp Where The Hell Are We for three months beginning in early October - that would earn seventeen year old Marley Hoover the recommendation letter she needs for college - she takes the chance to leave behind her shattered family with her best friend at her side. 

Keeping to herself under the radar, Marley believes going to camp will be no exception to that rule. But she instead finds herself forming an unexpected friendship with a reckless, protective, intense, outrageously gorgeous, blue-eyed bad boy who knows just how to infuriate her. 


Praise for 'Camp Where The Hell Are We?'

"Honestly is it possible to fall in love so hard with fictional characters? Because my heart leaps at every damn line." - @5SlicesOfSummer

"I loved e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about your book! You're extremely talented and your writing is so satisfying to read because, as a reader, you can really feel the connection to this story, almost as if you're right there with the characters and that is amazing. I also adore how realistic your story is. It's something totally unique and easy to tell you've put both your heart and soul into making this one. So thank you. You should be proud! This is brilliance in its best form." - @teaworks 

"This is by far one of the best books I've ever read." - @piaforlife

"It must be really hard to create a story with such well-rounded characters but you make it seem easy. Good job!" - @demobubble 

"You are a wonderful author, I'm being completely serious when I say this is probably the most heartwarming, touching book I have ever read." - @ineedmynutella 

"You have such a beautiful and unique way with your words, I love this story so much and it and you deserve so much recognition. It's beautiful." - @hayleysfault 


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