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Two mates?

Two mates?

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DeAd BuT AlIvE By DerangedMcCann Updated Jul 02, 2016

Anastasia Riverlind is serious when it comes to her line of work. When I mean work, I mean missions. Anna and her 3 best friends have been spies practically their whole lives; Anna has been having this re accruing memory of herself at the age of 10 meeting this mysterious boy on her family's vacation home on the beach. Now another 'mission' was 'announced' and she goes back to the islands of her dreams. She meets the boy again... And his brother?                                                                                                

Anastasia has to quickly learn that the life she had is no longer acceptable. When complications arise, Anna has no other possible way to deal with her issue but to become isolated. But when your best friends are spies, you are:

What can you really do when your expected to save the supernatural world? Oops I've said too much...

I know crappy description but read it please ***Going to be cursing and sexual things happening*** don't listen to the description I suck at this And I have no life so do it for me? Thx.

XxSDobbsxX XxSDobbsxX Apr 29, 2016
YO DUDE ITS BEN 10!! Tho the only alien he got is a wolvish(wolf lmao)
- - Jul 21, 2016
So she's fat?? For a werewolf that's rare. Like 0 percent chance. She didn't say muscular stomach so it isn't muscle. She didn't say she was curvy either. 🤔🤔🤔😑😑😑🤔
Pandamick Pandamick Jan 17, 2015 she really a werewolf or was it like, a metaphor???  cos I'm so confused I don't imagine them being werewolves whilst doing a bbq and going on the beach..
Mary1803 Mary1803 Jun 16, 2014
Story seems pretty interesting so far. Now I'm off to the next chapter. ^_^