A Bad Boy's Love

A Bad Boy's Love

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Tessa Green By thatnerd Completed

-sneak peak-
I awoke to the sound of the front door opening, I groaned and rolled over, my head felt slow with sleep as I tried to pry my eyes open. When I did I was met with the sleeping face of Damien, his arm draped over my waist. My eyes widened as the memories of last night flashed in my head like a movie.  

I heard a loud click from the door, Helga was here! my breathes came out in sharp pants and my heart beating against my ribs like a jack-hammer. OK think Rose think ...you can fix this...

 I glanced at Damien. 

There is a half naked boy sleeping next to me and my maid was coming.

i groaned and placed my head in my hands
How did I get myself into this? 


her name is Roseline Pierce,  she's an average good girl, straight A's, sweet, had everything she's ever wanted. but Rosaline has a dark past that no one knows about...

his name is Damien Knight he is the clique Bad boy. bad attitude, leather jacket, signature smirk but Damien develops a soft spot for a particular redhead by the name of Rose.

although these two opposites have undeniable chemistry, will Rose and Damien have the strength to withstand anything? including a mysterious character that not only threatens their relationship but their lives?

follow Damien and Rose as they face the obstacles of Life, Death, and Love.

 leaving Damien breathlessly entranced in the red head with quirky faults and Rose wanting something she never needed before...

A bad boys love.

(cover made by YoHabibti)

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pnadabear pnadabear Apr 25, 2016
I would be the one chocking not because of disbelief but because of laughing while eating
BritBrit_99 BritBrit_99 Feb 15, 2016
So he was brooding pale guy with icy eyes that was a male stripper/ undercover policeman in his pass life who also has a thing for blood…… OK seems reasonable
Djballislife Djballislife Mar 28, 2016
Sounds great so far... Like way to hook someone.😀 And being a new writer I understand your insecurities.
DorkiestGirl DorkiestGirl Jan 18, 2016
*sad laugh* reading this and watching the Big Bang Theory at almost 3 in the morning is pretty much as interesting as my life gets! But this book is awesome.
DorkiestGirl DorkiestGirl Jan 18, 2016
If he is anything like Damon Salvatore - in looks or personality - you better run like hell, honey
brookie_000 brookie_000 Nov 25, 2015
it's so good.
                              i'm cant stop reading...you are such a great writer.
                              Keep it up!
                              :)-Ashley myers