Sweet Rejection

Sweet Rejection

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Libby By Xx_Libbs_xX Completed

(Book #2 in The Rejection Chronicles)

It was the anguish, the intense feeling of loneliness and depression that led me to the state I was in. The math geek, thrown into studying to block out emotional pain. The only loved one by my side was my hybrid. 

Sam, the instigator, the bully, whatever you want to call him has been picking on me since the beginning of high school freshman year. Not many people caught his attention like I seemed too... He could find me in even the largest of crowds, only to cause me more pain. That was Sam for you...

The day of my birthday, the day I thought he was going to torture me the most. Instead he pulls me into a closet and declares his love to me? What the Heck? Not to mention he said something about soul mates and that I must accept him...

I didn't. Instead I rejected him with all of the feelings he has caused me throughout the years coming out into every word. His face? Priceless and broken just like my heart freshman year... It felt good, Rejection is Sweet... This is my own Sweet Rejection.

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