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Kankri X Reader [Lemon]

Kankri X Reader [Lemon]

176K Reads 1.9K Votes 8 Part Story
Angel By terminallyArisen Completed

Picture is not mine
You call Kankri into your room and give him a little surprise. NSFW!!!!!!

the_insane_girl_2 the_insane_girl_2 Aug 18, 2016
Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly
                              And might i say
                              That escalated quickly...
PrinceOfVantass PrinceOfVantass Aug 25, 2016
I'm asexual.
                              I'm gonna cringe, but I'll get through it.
_hamartithia_ _hamartithia_ Apr 17, 2016
I have a feeling Kankri never really cares when something is triggering :v
Astraphobia13 Astraphobia13 Jan 07, 2016
I walked in on them while they were taking a shower, didn't I?!?! :D
LoneWolf477 LoneWolf477 Dec 18, 2015
Tell us the story :3 plz did we accidently touch Sollux's horns and liked em and he almost enjoyed it :3
SeadwwellinAmpora SeadwwellinAmpora Aug 16, 2015
I bet some weird person was listening to all of it, breathing heavily