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Jade_Cerise_Hennessy By Jade_Cerise_Hennessy Updated Mar 04, 2014

Jessica, or Jess, starts to do weird things that she thought never even existed.

 She finds out that she can read people's minds, move things with her mind, see the future, know how people are gona die, see people's past lives or their past in this life, and many other powers.

 But one power is leaving her in questions.

 Suddenly Jess is thrown into a world where you can find vampire clans, witch covens, fairy courts, werewolves and warlocks and many other creatures.

 But there's one problem.

Jess doesn't fit into any of the above. 

 She is a much more powerful girl than any other.

Find out how she tries to find out about who she is, cope with her supernatural strengths, unspeakable powers and trying not to tell anyone about her secret.

infernal_fire infernal_fire Jul 10, 2015
This is really good but I see you haven't updated for over a year? Is there a chance that you won't update at all?
serendipitycomplex serendipitycomplex Jan 02, 2015
Nice story.... liking the past lives thing with out her having to be a vamp .... very nice. ..
CelesteShade CelesteShade Jun 12, 2014
this is by far the most awesome story I have read for this month!!!!