I switched roles with the villainess

I switched roles with the villainess

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Sakura Hasegawa's death was cause by the oh so infamous truck-san. Haaa.... how tragic... Sakura reincarnated into her friend's favorite otome game as the Heroine. In fact, unlike other light novels about reincarnation, Sakura didn't avoid the capture targets or the villainesss. In fact she decided to switch roles with the villainess! Read to find out more!

This is my story! I made it up! Do not copy it please!

Cover is made by:  joshua2807  (ask joshua2807 if you need a cover~)

  • adventure
  • betrayal
  • capturetargets
  • friendship
  • heroine
  • humor
  • magic
  • magicacademy
  • otomegame
  • reincarnation
  • romance
- - Jan 08
Well based on your experience, love leads to death, literally.
- - Dec 24, 2017
Great writing. I like the imagery. If its not asking too much, Can you check out my stranger things fan fic and tell me what you think? You don't have to have watched the show.
- - Jan 08
Haha guess she hasn't read all those LN about reincarnated &transmigrated villainess. Girl, even villainess can't get away from harem, some actually throws charisma left and right beating the actual heroine miles ahead.
Lol! Ain’t nobody got time for reverse harems! Much rather watching anime and Avengers
holopiefilling holopiefilling Dec 29, 2017
sry hello i just posted my own story,, do you mind checking it out?? :0 I just started it :)