Social Menace Prompts

Social Menace Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Jun 01, 2018

                Prompt: Tyson outing Mallory


                Tyson parked the car and looked over at his mom. Her face was pale, but determined.

                "If you don't want to..." Tyson started.

                She put a hand on his shoulder. "I've wanted to since the day I found out he used me as an affair, Tyson. I kept quiet to protect you all these years. But he can't hurt you, not anymore."

                Tyson nodded and the two got out of the car, looking up at the Mallory household. Tyson had kept his own careful eye on the family, and he knew Simon Mallory lived at an apartment near his campus, and Carly Mallory was living in the dorms on her campus. They wouldn't get caught in the crossfire of their parents when the truth came out.

                "This is the right thing to do," Tyson's mother assured him. "Patrick's wife should've known before they ever got married."

                Tyson had intended to...