Across My Heart (Wattys 2017)

Across My Heart (Wattys 2017)

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mhharry By mhharry Updated Jul 26

There are two types of people in this world, dreamers and realists...

Anabel is a dreamer, who always believed that she would one day find her fairytale prince that would ride up on a white horse, and save her from a terrifying monster.

But fate had other ideas for Anabel. Instead of finding her knight in shining armour, she found a beast...a beast that wanted her all to himself, a beast that would stop at nothing until he devoured her in every way possible.

After being left horribly scarred in a tragic accident, fifteen years ago, Harry Styles is left bitter and resentful, with a personality just as ugly, and twisted as the left side of his face. People tended to avoid him like the plague, scurrying away in fear whenever they saw him, and he liked it that way, he liked being alone, he liked being feared, rather than forgotten.

But when he meets Anabel, the one girl who isn't afraid of him...a spark is ignited inside him, and he finds himself becoming addicted to her light, but instead of doing everything he can to preserve it, he wants to be the one to snuff it out...

"Every beauty needs a beast."

/Age difference/Daddy kink/BDSM themes/

A modern version of Beauty and the Beast.

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OK I'm going to read this because I don't member what happened
He he this is bad .....I know all combos for chocolate
                              🙂 it happens when your sister is a Baker lmfao
xx_ChYnA_xx xx_ChYnA_xx Sep 08
how did ik she was gonna stand on his left side?
                              smart asssssssssss!!!!!
anuhbelluh anuhbelluh Aug 21, 2016
bitch his dick is gonna be pounding her insides really soon dont go there hoe
destinieross101 destinieross101 Oct 17, 2016
Can you plz update it's been WAY more than two days WAY more
- - Sep 18, 2014
woah this story sounds amazing looks like its going to be a long night for me (: