Wings of a War

Wings of a War

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CatsWillFly551 By CatsWillFly551 Updated Feb 10

Percy Jackson has just finished his second war. He's happy, keeping the nightmares at bay with Annabeth. But you know the Fates. He can never get a break. 
And that's why he is one day sucked into another land. 

This land is strange. 

Dragons, elves, dwarves, and no Annabeth.

Eragon has started his war campaign against Galbatorix, but it's almost over before it even starts. But then a strange new rider shows up, one who's dragon looks centuries old, but is only a couple of months old. He is wary of Percy, obviously, but Percy is his only way to win. 

Will their relationship blossom into friendship, or hate?

I'm sorry if I butcher their names. Please tell me if I do!

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