My Fake Fiance

My Fake Fiance

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Andrea Carpenter -not by choice- decided to attend her 10 year high school reunion and there is where she runs into an old classmate, Ben Collins, a former geek in high school who has transformed into a successful and handsome businessman. 

Along with Ben she runs into her old high school sweetheart, Mark Chapman, and his fiancé -and her old enemy- Nicole Rivers. At the spur of the moment Ben announces that he and Andrea are engaged as well and when it slips that Andrea is a wedding coordinator Nicole jumps at the chance to have Andrea plan hers and Mark's upcoming wedding.

Andrea finally agrees to go along with Ben's idea after much pleading. Can Andrea keep her feeling and emotions at bay or will she end up falling for her former classmate and now fake fiancé?

xjoycie14 xjoycie14 Nov 04, 2015
FINALLY!! a book with Chris Evans in it you just made my day!!!
Lenaaaaaa3006 Lenaaaaaa3006 Oct 14, 2015
What a coincidence! A few paragraphs up I said that I imagine Ben as Chris Evans and now it's Chris! Great minds think alike don't they?
Lenaaaaaa3006 Lenaaaaaa3006 Oct 14, 2015
Damn he sounds so hot! Gonna imagine him as Chris Evans, the ultimate bae!
Choubidoub Choubidoub Oct 14, 2015
I like how we got directly into the story. We don't need 10 chapters to be where the synopsis is telling us about
joyousglorious joyousglorious Aug 07, 2015
gahd. he's a plastic surgeon!? and she's a model!? i hate my life. hahah
SabzXOreo SabzXOreo Jul 14, 2015
lmao so he can do some surgeries on his wife coz shes a model lmao