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MoonHowl By MoonHowl Updated Oct 21, 2016

Caroline Harris knew exactly what she wanted in a husband... That is, until Samuel Martin makes a reappearance in her life. He leaves her feeling unsure of herself, flustered, and confused, which isn't something Caroline is used to when it comes to men. Not to mention, other aspects of her life are hardly steady at the moment. 

But Samuel has problems of his own. After a recent loss in his family, his life is turned upside-down and he has no idea how to mend what's been broken. 

The unexpected challenges both Caroline and Samuel repeatedly. With both love and life on the line, can they create their own happy ending?

(Written as a stand alone after Blackwell Bounty.)

BluBByGrl BluBByGrl Nov 28, 2016
Love the cover photo! Honestly it's why i picked this story...
lilkcjames lilkcjames Jan 22, 2016
Auburn hair.  Beautiful, sorrowful and amazingly captivating!  More! More! More!
Delawareisastate Delawareisastate Oct 12, 2015
Why are you referring to the color of Caroline's hair when this character's named Sarah?? I'm confused. Caroline was Edith's sister, right???
coffeebookchiller coffeebookchiller Jun 22, 2015
I really like this prologue, it definitly has you hooked ;) I'm excited to meet the female lead though - till next time :)
cerebral_1 cerebral_1 Jun 09, 2015
For some reason I did not realize Sam was married, or maybe I'm thinking of a different character. This is very sad, but true to the times, unfortunately. I'm looking forward to getting into this book!
cradle_life cradle_life May 30, 2015
Poor Sam :( . Is this something that happened before the events of Blackwell Bounty or after? I really like the beginning, it makes me very interested for the rest of the story :)