Blurry Vision [Transformers Fanficiton]

Blurry Vision [Transformers Fanficiton]

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RedSky7855 By RedSky7855 Updated Jul 16

A girl who once was able to see the colors and beauty of nature until everything became dark. She could no longer see the colors because she grew blind. What was her reason to live when she couldn't see? She was hated and bullied to the brink of depression. She was a developing artist and musician who was also trying to become a dancer. She held such talent before that faithful night where she lost her sight... She slowly sank into depression, not wanting to live on... What will happen when she meets the Autobots? 


Warning of mental illnesses within this story, you have been warned.

  • adventure
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  • dancer
  • depression
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  • musician
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  • self-harm
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