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bestblessing By bestblessing Updated Jan 12

Meet Sara, a jolly natured, perfectly happy, sweet natured girl. But also insecure, sad about her body. She carries a tag around herself, bestowed upon by society. The tag that reads " fat". And this is something the she doesn't forget specially when she dreams for love. Someone who always goes unnoticed by boys.
  Meet Jack, handsome and most popular guy. And not to mention the dream boy for many girls.
What if life turns the clock? What is everyone's dream boy starts dreaming about someone nobody considers beautiful? Makes her the dream girl of him? What happens if he fall for someone like her? 
   This story is about how a guy gets his girl of the dream. Makes her believe in love. Makes her believe in herself. Kisses her insecurity to sleep

philomenamari3 philomenamari3 May 12, 2016
Get it girl! They got no right to do that 😄 if I was ya I would slap some sense in them bitches WAHAHAAHa😈😈😈😈
vonnijah vonnijah Jun 13, 2016
I'm feeling this boy already!!! I really do hate judgmental people.✋✋
meghu-_- meghu-_- Jan 30, 2016
Same thoughts on my first day of college 
                              But my bestie was there for me to support so it all went well
MandyMcNeil MandyMcNeil Nov 18, 2015
Wow how lucky she is to have a mom that still cooks for her. Mine barely cooks twice a month.
jazz_apple_11 jazz_apple_11 Sep 20, 2015
@bestblessing Is it really true? Have you ever met a hot guy, who likes girls who aren't just skinny?
niquenique30 niquenique30 Jul 16, 2015
she getting on my nerve already smh big girls and their insecurities really bother me....we as big women girls teens are all beautiful