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TheSeaReaper By TheSeaReaper Updated Feb 17

Who knew a flower could change someone's life. Well, Diana sure didn't when she touched one. I mean how was she supposed to know the flower had magical powers? And the next day she'd wake up as a.....



Diana could not have predicted what would happen if she'd touched the flower. I mean a girl becoming a guy overnight is not something you'll ever witness in life, right?? Well, you're wrong, because in Diana's case the odds were high. So high in fact that even fate couldn't intervene. 

And now with a boys body, follow Diana as she goes through the highs and lows of being a guy. 


.And a shit load of cliches

This is OMG... I'M A BOY?!

All my ideas so don't you dare try and steal them otherwise *cracks knuckles* prepare to feel the wrath of an angry author. 


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