The Possessive Alpha's Stubborn Mate

The Possessive Alpha's Stubborn Mate

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Angel_007 By Angel_007 Updated Nov 16, 2013

Hey it's me!! This is a new story i came up with so please bear with it!! If you like comment and vote!! Please thanks! This is my first werewolf story so... Be kind! Lol the rating will change to R so you are warned well I might...(Most likely)

P.s this story is going to be mature as it goes on so you have been warned!!!! I will change the rating so you know don't read if your weak minded!!! Please comment!!!



It is stupid that I ended up lost, but I know where I am right now is not safe. This is the bar, or so I believe, it might also be a restaurant at the same time. In any case, this strange bar is where I ended up in after the mini-fight I had with my brother's stupid girlfriend. She told me to get out and I did. I don't regret it no... On the contrary I am happy (NOT!). I don't even know why I got out, it wasn't ...

Alyssa_Turnner Alyssa_Turnner Apr 07, 2017
shouldn't you be freezing if his eyes are that cold?
                              Kill me now
Lunaqueen23 Lunaqueen23 May 31, 2017
Omg I'm loving thisss right now 😰😰😰💜💜💜😜
carolyn_rasdon carolyn_rasdon Jul 15, 2017
I would tell him to go to hell and get in the car... No wait I wouldn't have stopped and drank anyhow
gelat0s gelat0s Feb 24, 2016
This is such a confusing book cuz I don't know whose p.o.v it is since u always change a lot
gelat0s gelat0s Feb 24, 2016
Woah chill ur ass let me pack first:
                              Okay I see my toothbrush clothes and my flying cat now where did I put my pizza?!
Peorth Peorth Jun 25, 2015
Wew!! First chapter is awesome!!!!
                              I wish miss author will continue updating this story