A Turn For The Better (Sebaciel) (Yaoi)

A Turn For The Better (Sebaciel) (Yaoi)

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Phoebe (Duhh) By Phoebulous-me Updated Apr 03, 2015

Modern day black butler fanfic

When Ciel Phantomhive loses his parents he is sent to live with his aunty.
On his first day at school he meets a handsome and popular boy named Sebastian Michaelis.

This is BoyxBoy yaoi don't like, don't read.

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0Desu0 0Desu0 Jan 15
I'm 13 and 4'3... *Looks at Ciel's height*
                              *Goes and drinks more milk*
TheySayImEmotional TheySayImEmotional Jun 25, 2016
Ok, Angelina is 'Madam Red's' real name. So stop making a fuss about it and just enjoy the story!
Yaoi-My-Drug Yaoi-My-Drug Nov 23, 2016
To true I'm like the only happy person in my classes so I usually can't even
nicolecobb121 nicolecobb121 Dec 16, 2016
I feel ya Ciel. Im 18 and im only 5'1' and a half. Been this height since i was 13. Im the shortest in my family. Even my 12 year old baby sister is taller than me
AliensAndPlushies AliensAndPlushies Aug 18, 2016
Unrelated: I have this weird craving for Chicken Noodle Soup rn.
AliensAndPlushies AliensAndPlushies Aug 18, 2016
I~ you... Meh.... Okay.
                              *fumbles trying to search for words*