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Jupiter By Larnee109 Updated Oct 28

I'm not one to attract attention to myself. 
I've always tried to keep my head down no matter what labels I carry. 
I'm just trying to get on with my life.
And others are finding it quite difficult accepting that. 


Every Avian attempts the Test.
Every Avian passes the Test with flying colours, literally. 
So how come, after the Test being around for hundreds of years, one fails it? 

748B is the first Avian to completely fail the apparently 'unfailable' test. 
There's not much to do except keep her at the Academy, to endure another year of brutal training. 
This time, she completes it. 
This time, she walks into a trap. 
A trap not just full of Humans, but the Community too. 

And she has to say; it wasn't intentional.

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RosyDude RosyDude Jan 13
This is amazing. I don't usually add unfinished stories into my library... but I easily made an exception. I love how ORIGINAL the plot line is 😍
ChrisDiMatteo ChrisDiMatteo Dec 25, 2017
This start is impressive! Your world building is fantastic and I’m pretty excited to see what the results are to this test and how it will impact her life.
-_Ninja_- -_Ninja_- Dec 20, 2017
Օհհհհհհհհ վҽɑհ í ɑӀɾҽɑժվ ɾҽɑժ եհíՏ
This is an interesting, unique concept and I am loving it so far! Great job!
AbbyLWalter AbbyLWalter Jan 05
Great story! Would you mind checking out mine? I'm new at watt pad and I'll greatly appreciate it :)
I love how you described the movement of the wings while she was stretching. So beautiful too and rather cute.