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Like falling in love

Like falling in love

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Shayna By Llamas-and-whiskers Updated Jan 10

This is the story of two boys who live in completely different worlds, with problems all their own. Yet on one fateful night, when they are coincidentally brought together, they realize that their lives can never be the same. Their love will be put to the ultimate test. Can they overcome the obstacles they face? Can they break free and fight for what they love?
   Read to find out.

No but like, the fact that this actually happened irl. I'm having flashbacks to robot death machine
Wait why is everyone upset its by shay? Is it going to end bad? I shouldnt read it if it will end bad really
In my English class I tried to write "amazing meal" and I accidentally wrote amazingphil
Oh frick i already am jealous of her and I already hate her just for Phil
narnyet narnyet 7 days ago
ummmm you can leave now, Emma. thank you for your useless contribution to the "Gay Phan Association." we genuinely appreciate your efforts at breaking away the gay, but the gay can never be broken. It's in Dan's genes. Have a nice life, Emma. 😊
There's a million subs you haven't got, but just you waIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT