I Need You Whole (Klance) [ Completed ]

I Need You Whole (Klance) [ Completed ]

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Since taking over the lead role Lance had noticed Keith slowly spending more time around him. At first Lance thought he was imagining it. That maybe his desperate need for Keith to notice him had finally made him snap and he'd gone into full on hallucination mode, reading into things that weren't really there. And yet lately every time Lance got the feeling someone might be watching him he'd look up to find those large, deep violet eyes on him.

Keith had found himself listening and trusting in Lance, his inner conscience even speaking to him in Lance's voice when he knew he needed to ease up and stick with the team. He'd found solace in Lance and had started naturally gravitating towards him. Being in Lance's space had given Keith a clearer picture of him and it wasn't long before he began to really take notice of Lance. His smooth, light brown skin, bright blue eyes, the way his whole face lit up when he smiled, his full bottom lip...

Taking place after the events of Season 3, Keith and Lance struggle to come to terms with their new roles on the team. They find comfort in each other, but for how long?