Holding On: Anything but Normal Sequel

Holding On: Anything but Normal Sequel

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Bri's P.O.V.

"Mommy! I felt him kick!" Rih said jumping. I'm now five months pregnant and Chres and I are excited about having a baby boy. I just hope nothing goes wrong this time. 

"You gonna be nice to your baby brother?" I asked her smiling. 

"Of course mama," she said making a funny face. 

"Then why you be mean to 'Melo?" I asked her. 

"Not aways! Only when he hawassing me," she argued. I laughed. 

"Alright mamas, you want to come downstairs wit me for a snack?" I asked already knowing the answer. 

"Yea!" she ran out the room. 

"Careful Rih!" I called. 

"Ayee where you going?" I heard Chres' voice, he picked her up. 

"Snack! Daddy put me down!" she giggled and he put her down. 

"Who getting a snack?" Chres asked eying me. He been on that 'yo ass only getting fruits' type of shit. He needa cool down with that. 

"Rihhh," I said walking into the kitchen. 

"What you want ma?" I asked her. 

"Nuggets!" she said smiling. 

"Alright," I got out enough for me and her her but I...

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-DatbadBishRayray -DatbadBishRayray Aug 03, 2015
is it normal for you to be like you ugly to your baby daddy when you pregnant ?? Cause I heard people who prego say it all the time
BeyonceisLife576 BeyonceisLife576 Dec 29, 2014
Not exactly the type of story I like to read, but it's really funny!