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From the Start *( A Hayes Grier FanFic)*

From the Start *( A Hayes Grier FanFic)*

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cristinaciampone By cristinaciampone Completed

When Kara was only 6 years old she moved to North Carolina not knowing that her life would change forever. Hayes Grier. The boy she has known for almost her whole life, the school football star and the vine super star is her bestfriend. Or is he more than that? The love between these 2 friends is amazing. Find out what happens in their relationship in "From the Start"

yeah when i was seven i definitely looked at other kids saying "holy shît look at that babe over there"
QueenOVO QueenOVO Feb 14, 2016
It goes both ways, if you don't wear makeup, and leave your hair natural and like sports, you're seen as boyish. But if you wear makeup, and dress girly you're seen as a stuck up ditz.
directioners_love24 directioners_love24 Dec 15, 2015
Story of my life honestly everyine is always judging me because of how I dress act abd it's stupid
becky0601 becky0601 Nov 19, 2015
PREACH🙌🏼 They think I'm gay cause I'm a tomboy.. I don't got nothing against them but just cause ur a tomboy doesn't mean they should just to conclusions
hotline-calum hotline-calum Nov 14, 2015
Netflix and chill... Hekssssssss nooooo ur seven I HAVNT even had my first kiss
Alyssab_101 Alyssab_101 Jun 29, 2015
When I was seven I asked why the grass was green like DAFUQ?'v