Nothing Left To Say (Percico)

Nothing Left To Say (Percico)

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Liam+Boo By XxhoodlumxX Updated Jun 02

BoyxBoy Percico 

"Say it!" I repeated. "Tell me what you actually think of me! You're just like everyone else, Jackson, I know it! Just admit it-" 

Percy let out a strangled noise and suddenly, I ended up on the rough grounds of the forest. My wrists were gripped in his hands tightly, pinning me down, as his black hair stuck to the sweat on his flushed tanned face, and mine to my pale cheekbones. My back ached, but my anger triggered pain was stronger. 

"Everything is WRONG about me." I said through gritted teeth. "I might not be a real ghost or a lost soul in my father's realm, Percy. But up here... I might as well be."  

~It's a long journey to love. Especially if you run away from it.~

*reads this* 
                              *clears throut*
                              *runs outside in pouring rain*
                              *Screams* JASICOOOOO
peachy919 peachy919 3 days ago
Is Hades really the Death god? I mean, if Thanatos is the official God of Death, then what is Hades?
Percy is just wondering why the Hel everyone is so concerned about him XD
pandahope31 pandahope31 Oct 17
It could mean that Nico is getting  tortured and you should probably go find him.
                              But that's just a guess.
peachy919 peachy919 3 days ago
I understand that you're the Goddess of Love, but can you not? For like, 5 years?
Nico, Like is to small of a word for what you feel for Percy.