Fly Away Home (Avengers AU)

Fly Away Home (Avengers AU)

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One_In_A_Melon By One_In_A_Melon Updated May 18, 2018

Tony Stark - A 46 year old, 2 year Army veteran struggling with crippling PTSD. 

Clint Barton - A 43 year old non-verbal severely autistic adult. 

Chris (Thor) Odinson - A 42 year old schizophrenic who believes himself to be a thousand year old God of Thunder. 

James "Bucky" Barnes - A 47 year old paralyzed man who struggles with multiple personality disorder. 

Bruce Banner - A 48 year old who struggles with a severe mood disorder. 

Steve Rogers - A 37 year old who suffers from a severe learning disability leaving him mostly non-verbal and unable to take proper care of himself. 

Phil Coulson & Natasha Rowana have taken on the job of caretakers for these individuals. Together, the 8 of them live in a large ranch style house in eastern Montana. 

One big happy family.

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