The Fading Oddities of Nate Smith (A NateWantsToBattle Fanfiction) --COMPLETE--

The Fading Oddities of Nate Smith (A NateWantsToBattle Fanfiction) --COMPLETE--

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Nate Smith is broken, living in the regretful and haunting past of a deadly car accident that nearly killed him, but caused the death of his best friend, Hunter "Dookieshed" Hughes. Unable to forgive himself, he disappeared, leaving the life he always knew directly behind him.

Olive Zachrielle is 20 years old, a Freshman in college and an aspiring photographer. Her passion for capturing the world's beauty seems to reach out to no end, and her school life looks like it'll be smooth sailing for a while.

But everything that Olive knew takes a sharp turn when she finds Nate on the side of the road one evening...

Olive wants to know what happened to the popular YouTuber, but Nate refuses to reveal the events prior to the sudden change in their lives. With the help of a few friends both new and old, Oli makes it her mission to put a broken man back together again. But will Nate shatter his remaining pieces before she gets the chance to do so? 

Will the oddities of Nathan Smith just...fade away?

--COMPLETED 7/25/15, 10:25 PM--

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WritingGold3 WritingGold3 Nov 05, 2016
I've only read this chapter, and it's already going in my favorites list
WayWeirderThanYou WayWeirderThanYou Jul 21, 2016
First chapter and I'm hooked. And wanting to cry. THIS IS AMAZING CAN'T WAIT TO READ ON!
shellycipher shellycipher May 08, 2016
Hey, do you mind if I do an audio book of this on wattpad? I promise to credit you and everything. It's such a great story and I really would love to do it!
kiyotakas kiyotakas Jul 07, 2016
Someone needs to put me in that ambulance, because I just got shot in the feels.
Kaywantstobattle Kaywantstobattle Jul 26, 2016
Oh my god the first chapter and wow that was like... Awesome even tho poor hunter
                              You should be a author
Mycat01 Mycat01 Nov 02, 2015
You're an amazing writer! I usually don't see people with this much skill around here. Great job!!