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When I think of you, my heart beats faster
     When I'm with you, there's no where I'd rather be

                                                      ★ ☆ ★

From his humble beginnings in middle school to where he is now, Jotaro had harbored feelings for the one and only Noriaki Kakyoin. With that red hair and those vibrant violet eyes, Jotaro couldn't help but fall head over heels in love with the boy in their youth

Overtime, this love Jotaro had for Kakyoin had grown in an obsession. It grew from an innocent thoughts and small flickers of desperation to violent thoughts and petty jealousy.

Kakyoin was his and his alone. And no one was allow to touch what was his.


This book contains topics including the following:
-mentions of rape/molestation
-substance use/abuse

If any of the following topics listed above make you feel uncomfortable or trigger some unpleasant memories, I advise you not to read.

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Started: May 2019

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